Poet Lady Katz Celebrates Planet Earth!

Today is Earth Day.  Today is a day to reflect on the bounty this beautiful, diverse, nurturing planet provides us with.  We rise, in the morning, to the glory of sunrise, warm and nourishing, we retire, at night, to a setting sun.  It casts a glow across the horizon and gives way to a mysterious moon, and a multitude of stars flickering above us.  We are, in fact, residents of paradise.

But, this planet, this earth, this place we call home, is fragile and easily damaged.  We are not only residents of this planet, but we are also its caretakers.  Sadly, as caretakers, we have been careless.  We have polluted our oceans, cut down our forests, overgrazed the land, threatened the “lungs of the earth,” the Amazon Rain Forest, by cultivating too many beef cattle, and menaced the very air we breathe, polluting it with car and factory emissions.

It’s way past time to take a step back, take a good look around, and start, not in some misty future, but today, this very minute, making changes.  We need to care for the only home we have ever known, the only home we will (at least for the foreseeable future) ever know.  Today, because tomorrow may be too late.
This week I have supported the #nobeefweek challenge and, shall continue to refrain from eating meat from now on.  I have ordered a composter, so that I can use, what I use, to increase the beauty and bounty of my gardens, in the summertime.  I have turned down the heat in the winter and use my air conditioner, in the summer, only when temperatures become almost unbearable (maybe two or three times in an entire summer.)  I try to recycle whatever I can and avoid buying products that come packaged in plastics.  Little things when done by one person, one family but, perhaps the difference that will make a difference, when done by everyone. 

This week, www.poetladykatz.com celebrates Planet Earth.  This week, we pledge to be better stewards of the land, and the seas, and the air.  This week, we take the silent, heartfelt pledge, to parent the earth as we would our children, with love, with care, with our hearts and our heads and our hands. 


I have climbed the mountains
high up where the air is thin
as lace and the light bright
beyond imagining and felt
the cold bite of wind
like teeth upon my skin 

I have been to the sea
where breezes soft 
as a butterfly’s wings
against my check taste me
with their salty tongue

I have been to the desert
felt the prick of sand
like a sudden slap and the heat
heavy and harsh
reminding me how hard
it is to survive     how grateful
I am     to be alive

I have watched the sun rise
and felt my heart go giddy
gratefully warmed by its touch
I have watched the sun set
and marveled at the dark 
by a tapestry of stars

This earth    this place
that I will know only
for a meager space of time is not mine
to damage or dismiss
this earth is yours   my children’s     your children’s
our children’s children down
an endless span of years
let us nurture it     
with love and care so that they
may not have to water it 
with their tears.  
– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)